Friday, 19 December 2014

From Within Volume 1 -A Collection of 54 Poems including 15 Published Poems is OUT on

Hey beautiful people!  Thank you all for taking the time to read through my blogsite. I really appreciate you all for reading my poems so a big thank you :)

These published Poems are little tasters  of what to expect in my Debut Book of poems.

From Within Volume 1 is a collection of poems split into three different categories. we have Identity and Culture, Uplifting and Inspirational and Love and Romance. In essence, From Within Volume 1 is about defeating fear and leaving it behind us. we're all afraid of something..
The question is how do we overcome fear?

This book challenges you to be brave , to be bold and to not be afraid to be daring.

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You can get your copy on kindle and Paperback on

Paperback copies are £10 and here is the link below  to purchase a copy:

Kindle copies are £3.08 and Here is the link below to purchase a copy:

I sincerely hope you all enjoy reading my book of poems. I love writing and I love creativity. I hope that you will all be blessed as you read my book of poems :)

Love you all,

Adwoa Asiedu

History Makers

Published in the 4th Issue of Ten2Teens Magazine

We are a team with a purpose .
With a vision on a mission.
With a burning desire to make a difference.
We are the new generation.
We are the new light.

Welcome to the world of Ten2Teens Magazine.
Know that every seed you sow, you will reap.
You who contribute, you who read, you who sow, today we have become one !                                                                                                                      

Together we will move mountains,
Together we will break  boundaries, 
Stand with us and together we will make history.

written by Adwoa Asiedu

Copyright (c) 2014 Adwoa Asiedu
All rights reserved.